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Chemistry Online Test Series (Chapter wise) for JEE (M + A)

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  • 55+ Chapterwise Test.
  • 5000+ Chemistry Questions.
  • 20+ Full Syllabus Test.
  • Doubt Solving Facility.


Join Best Chemistry Online Test Series for JEE 2021Class 12 & 12 Pass 3500+ Chemistry Questions for JEE with Video Solution | JEE Pattern chapter wise Chemistry Online Test Series based on NCERT Chemistry syllabus of Class 11 & Class 12. Chapter-wise Chemistry Questions with Video Solutions to give you a fair idea about your JEE preparation & final score. Online Chemistry Tests includes questions from sub topics like Organic Chemistry, physical chemistry & inorganic chemistry.

Getting through the JEE examination and seeking admission are the first most steps in the medical career of every aspirant. MCC provides you complete NCERT class 11 Chemistry Live video lectures which are designed chapter wise exclusively by Rajat Bansal, best Chemistry teacher from Kota coaching.

Considering the fact that Chemistry is the most scoring in JEE examination, students fail to score high marks in Chemistry during JEE examination or JEE coaching tests. The main reasons for the bad performance are lack of concept clarity, improper mentorship and lack of focus on study material from one teacher or institute.

Course Objective: – 

At MCC, we try to equip each and every student with best possible material so that they can excel in their final JEE examination. But it is always not possible for every student to join our classroom due to certain reasons. To overcome this and help such student, we have crafted this 3500+ questions for class 12th and 12th pass so that any student from any place can access this test series and prepare for final JEE examination accordingly.

Students from 12th and 12th pass are required to attempt these questions under real examination like environments and go through your solutions honestly for better results. This will help in improving your efficiency and your preparation as well for final examination. In it, you will get class 11 & Class 12 chemistry classroom PDF notes and chapter wise online Chemistry tests and detailed video solutions as well.  

MarvelProfs Classes – Chapter Wise Chemistry Online Test Series for Class 12 & 12 Pass – Details

Features of Test Series: – 

  1. 56 Chapter wise Chemistry Online Tests based on Exact JEE Pattern
  2. 20 Major Tests which covered complete Chemistry Syllabus for Class 11 & Class 12
  3. 7500+ Chemistry Questions with detailed explanation are based on new pattern of JEE 2021.
  4. 45 Questions are included per chapter in the Chemistry Mock Test.
  5. 80% question are solely based on NCERT. Remaining 20% questions are higher level which are designed to give an edge over other students.
  6. Comparison with topper’s score and time taken by him. 
  7. Free Chemistry Notes are available with tests series.
  8. Can give test 3 times, helpful in revision.

Benefits –

  1. A unique test series with complete video solution, it helps you gauge your preparation status and better understand the concepts. The video solution will help you find your mistakes and weak concept, in an instant. 
  2. Detailed analysis of each and every question is provided in the test series.
  3. The test series is available pan India – you get to compete against students on a national level. An excellent way to assess your preparation. 
  4. These are time-bound tests; you learn time management and become more efficient at taking tests. 
  5. As the Chemistry test series is available online, it makes for a great fit to your schedule and an excellent revision tool. This is an all-India test series. You get to compete against students across India; an excellent way to assess your preparation. 
  6. Shortcut methods and tricks to help you solve questions faster.
  7. Understand the context & patterns of JEE questions in Detailed VIDEO SOLUTIONS by Rajat Bansal Sir
  8. Develop the ability to MEMORIZE the formulas along with the concepts used will help to eliminate mistakes in the exam & to find your weak points.
  9. Chemistry Tests can be given – Anywhere, Any Device – Mobile, Tablet & Computers.

Complete JEE Chemistry Tests COVERED as per NCERT Class 11th & Class 12th Chemistry Syllabus 

  1. Organic Chemistry for JEE Exam
    1. General Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques, IUPAC Nomenclature
    2. Isomerism
    3. GOC I
    4. GOC II
    5. Hydrocarbon
    6. Environmental Chemistry
    7. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
    8. Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
    9. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic acids
    10. Amines
    11. Biomolecules
    12. Polymer
    13. Chemistry in Everyday Life
  2. Physical Chemistry for JEE Exam
    1. Some Basics Concepts of Chemistry – Mole Concept
    2. Structure of Atom
    3. States of Matter
    4. Thermodynamics
    5. Chemical Equilibrium
    6. Ionic Equilibrium
    7. Redox Reactions
    8. Solid State
    9. Solutions
    10. Electrochemistry
    11. Chemical Kinetics
    12. Surface chemistry
  3. Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Exam
    1. Periodicity and Classification of Elements
    2. Chemical Bonding and its Molecular Structure
    3. Hydrogen
    4. The s-Block Elements
    5. The p-Block Elements – Boron & Carbon Family
    6. The p-Block Elements
    7. The d-and f-block Elements
    8. Coordination Compounds
    9. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

Why MarvelProfs Classes?

  1. MarvelProfs teachers Team teach the conceptual elements of major subjects including Biology and Chemistry along with the advanced level cutting edge solutions and techniques to crack the examination.
  2. We are among the best ones to provide you state of the art infrastructure.
  3. Counseling Sessions held exclusively for students.
  4. Special Mentor Rajat Bansal Sir for each & every student
  5. 5K Subscribers on MarvelProfs Classes YouTube Channel and still counting
  6. 50,000+ Chemistry pdf notes download

JEE Chemistry Questions for 12 and 12 pass course for JEE offered by MarvelProfs Classes aims to offer the best study material for JEE aspirants to meet their expectations. Start your preparation today for your JEE Examination with little time left to perform outstandingly well.

This is the right time for you to join such a brilliant JEE crash course in Chemistry for JEE offered by MCC. No more wait and avail right now the best online JEE coaching in Karnal.

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