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JEE Chemistry Live Course For Class 11(JEE 2022)

50,000.00 35,000.00

Target 90+ in Chemistry (JEE 2022)


Eligibility Criteria: X to XI moving students

Course Duration: 2 Years

Learn by Ex. Sr Kota Faculty RB Sir


Getting through the JEE examination and seeking admission are the first most steps in the Engineering career of every aspirant. MCC provides you complete NCERT class 11 Chemistry Live video lectures which are designed chapter wise exclusively by Rajat Bansal, best Chemistry teacher from Kota coaching.

Considering the fact that Chemistry is the most scoring in JEE examination, students fail to score high marks in Chemistry during JEE examination or JEE coaching tests. The main reasons for the bad performance are lack of concept clarity, improper mentorship and lack of focus on study material from one teacher or institute.

If you feel that you are weak in chemistry section and looking for proper guidance from one of the best Kota Chemistry teacher, you are at right place for JEE Chemistry coaching. Cover complete Chemistry NCERT syllabus and score 170+ in your IIT-JEE final examination and coaching tests.


MarvelProfs Classes – Class 11 Chemistry Live Course – Detail

At MCC JEE Class 11 Chemistry Video Course, you will encounter basic as well as advanced level practice problems, fundamental conceptual knowledge along with expert teacher’s support so it doesn’t seem too hard for you to prepare for your final examination. You will be guided at each and every step to clear your doubts and equip you with the best knowledge and learning. This course will give you a fair idea about your JEE preparation & Concept Understanding.

JEE Chemistry Section includes Organic, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry together based on NCERT Class 11 & Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus.

Course Detail –

  1.     Kota Classroom Chapter Wise Chemistry Video Lectures
  2.     140+ Hours Chemistry Videos
  3.     Covers Physical, Inorganic & Organic Chemistry Syllabus
  4.     Handwritten Chapter Wise Chemistry Notes
  5.     3500+ Chemistry Questions with detailed solution
  6.     Daily Practice Problem Lecture wise
  7.     Cover Complete NCERT & JEE syllabus.
  8.     Chemistry Notes are enriched with Solved JEE Previous Year Questions as examples.




Complete JEE Chemistry Lectures COVERED as per NCERT Class 11th Chemistry Syllabus –

  1. Organic Chemistry for JEE Exam
    1. General Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques, IUPAC Nomenclature
    2. Isomerism
    3. GOC I
    4. GOC II
    5. Hydrocarbon
    6. Environmental Chemistry
  2. Physical Chemistry for JEE Exam
    1. Some Basics of Chemistry
    2. Structure of Atom
    3. States of Matter
    4. Thermodynamics
    5. Chemical Equilibrium
    6. Ionic Equilibrium
    7. Redox Reactions
  3. Inorganic Chemistry for JEE Exam
    1. Periodicity and Classification of Elements
    2. Chemical Bonding and its Molecular Structure
    3. Hydrogen
    4. The s-Block Elements
    5. The p-Block Elements – Boron & Carbon Family


Benefits –

  1. Covers NCERT Books 
  2. JEE Chemistry Previous Year Questions Discussion
  3. Covered all Chemistry Reference Books 
  4. Practice Lecture-wise Hand-Picked Quality Questions with Solutions
  5. Practice Chapter-wise Previous Years Exam Questions with Solutions
  6. Shortcut methods and tricks to help you solve questions faster.
  7. Watch videos any number of time so you can study at your own pace.
  8. You can access Course online at home – Mobile, Computer and Tablet
  9.  Counseling sessions to help with your career.


Bring KOTA Classroom in Your Study Room 

  • This course is based on the AUTHENTIC method to MASTER Chemistry for IIT-JEE
  • This JEE 2021 Chemistry Video Course will help you in TWO steps LEARN-PRACTICE


LEARN | How?

  1. Rajat Bansal Sir ensures that students also strive hard along with them to prepare well for the examination. 
  2. Complete NCERT Based Syllabus Covering Class 11
  3. Learn at your OWN time, REVISE as many TIMES as you need.
  4. Master Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry in depth


  1. Understand the solved examples given in the Chemistry Notes & Videos.
  2. Solve Lecture-wise HAND-PICKED Questions from NCERT based Chemistry along with your practice sheets.
  3. Practice Previous Years Chemistry Questions asked in NEET Exam
  4. Get Solutions along with Practice Questions


Why Rajat Bansal Sir? 

  1. 2500+ Happy Selected Students 
  2. One of the Best Chemistry Teachers in India 
  3. Reads & Researches a lot before Making Any Suggestions 
  4. Fresher students like his teaching style as he focuses on basics and starts from ZERO to perfection
  5. Dropper Students Found his Teaching Style Awesome as he focuses on eradicating mistakes of their past and honestly guiding them to improve their marks
  6. Countless Positive Reviews & Comments on Google Play Store, Website, YouTube and Instagram, Facebook etc.
  7. He is famous among students for his teaching style, as a great motivator and influencer

Why MarvelProfs Classes?

  1. MarvelProfs teachers Team teach the conceptual elements of major subjects including Biology and Chemistry along with the advanced level cutting edge solutions and techniques to crack the examination.
  2. We are among the best ones to provide you state of the art infrastructure.
  3. Counseling Sessions held exclusively for students.
  4. Special Mentor Rajat Bansal Sir for each & every student
  5. 5K Subscribers on MarvelProfs Classes YouTube Channel and still counting
  6. 50,000+ Chemistry pdf notes download


If you are eligible for our online JEE coaching and want to be part of it for your better preparation, join today. This is the right time to join such a brilliant IIT JEE online coaching in the chemistry course offered by MCC. No more wait and avail right now the best online IIT JEE coaching in Karnal.



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