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Chemistry Crash Course for JEE(M + A) 2021

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Target 90+ in Chemistry in JEE 2021

Eligibility Criteria:  XII Appearing Students / XII Passout

Course Duration: 3 Months

Learn by Ex Kota Faculty RB Sir


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You might be facing some issues regarding your JEE examination preparation and may be tensed because of little time left for your preparation.

You might be wondering how to complete revision of all topics in very less time and how to concentrate on important chemistry topics.

If you are on those of students who are running short on time, then this JEE Crash Course is Just Made for You. This Crash Course Chemistry is especially designed for by Rajat Bansal Sir who will help you to cover Complete JEE Chemistry Course in 100 hours step-by-step for JEE final examination.

With our precisely designed JEE course for both Mains & Advance levels, you not only crack the examination but also get a brilliant rank which could be helpful for you getting admission to your dream engineering institution. We are among the best institutions in the city to provide IIT JEE online coaching in Chemistry.  Our online modules will help more than any other JEE online classes to bring the best out of you.

Our IIT JEE online coaching is structured for students who want to shape their career as an IITian or engineer & want to begin their journey with proper guidance and mentorship. If you are from Karnal, you are among the lucky ones to have MCC in your city. You as a student can enroll with us for better results in their IIT JEE exams. You will remember your journey lifetime along with the knowledge you gain here. It would prove to be a wonderful and memorable experience for you once you join our online IIT JEE coaching.


  1. Full Chemistry Course
  2. Complete syllabus in 100 hours
  3. Covered NCERT Books 
  4. Complete Organic , Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 
  5. Chemistry MCQs with detailed Video solution
  6. JEE Chemistry Previous Year Questions Discussion
  7. You can access course online at home – Mobile, Computer and Tablet
  8. Kota Classroom videos  



  1. STEP BY STEP Guided Online Video Lectures + Notes for JEE Chemistry with 24 by 7 Access
  2. FOCUS ON SCORING MARKS: Cover Important Parts First
  3. 24×7 Doubt Solving Forum Monitored by Sunil Nain Sir
  4. COVER Complete Revision in Time To Be Exam Ready
  5. Time Saving and Economical
  6. Complete Package: Lectures + Notes
  7. Learn Time Management.
  8. 15000+ Positive Reviews and Happy Students


Chapters Covered in this Test Series:-

  1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
  2. Atomic Structure
  3. Periodic table
  4. Chemical Bonding
  5. Behavior of Gases/State of Matter
  6. Thermodynamics
  7. Chemical Equilibrium
  8. Ionic Equilibrium
  9. S block and Hydrogen
  10. p Block – Boron and Carbon family
  11. Redox Reaction
  12. p – Block – Nitrogen, Oxygen, Halogen and Inert Gases
  13. d & f Block elements
  14. Coordination Compounds
  15. IUPAC Nomenclature
  16. Isomerism
  17. GOC I – Inductive Effect, Resonance, Acidic and Basic Strength
  18. GOC II – Electrophilic Addition Reaction, Electrophilic Substitution Reaction, Elimination Reaction and Free Radical Reaction.
  19. Hydrocarbon – Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne and Benzene
  20. Halogen Derivatives
  21. Oxygen-Containing Compound – Alcohol, Phenol and Ether
  22. Oxygen-Containing Compound – Aldehydes, Ketone and Carboxylic acid
  23. Nitrogen-Containing Compound
  24. Chemical Kinetics
  25. Electrochemistry
  26. Solutions
  27. Solid State
  28. Biomolecules and Polymer
  29. Chemistry in Everyday Life and Environmental Chemistry
  30. Surface Chemistry and Metallurgy

Why MarvelProfs Classes?

  1. MarvelProfs teachers Team teach the conceptual elements of major subjects including Biology and Chemistry along with the advanced level cutting edge solutions and techniques to crack the examination.
  2. We are among the best ones to provide you state of the art infrastructure.
  3. Counseling Sessions held exclusively for students.
  4. Special Mentor Rajat Bansal Sir for each & every student
  5. 5K Subscribers on MarvelProfs Classes YouTube Channel and still counting
  6. 50,000+ Chemistry pdf notes download

JEE Chemistry Crash Course for JEE examination offered by MarvelProfs Classes aims to offer the best study material for IIT-JEE aspirants to meet their expectations. Start your preparation today for your JEE Examination with little time left to perform outstandingly well.

If you are eligible for our online JEE coaching and want to be part of it for your better preparation, join today. This is the right time to join such a brilliant IIT JEE online coaching in the chemistry course offered by MCC. No more wait and avail right now the best online IIT JEE coaching in Karnal.

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9 reviews for Chemistry Crash Course for JEE(M + A) 2021

  1. Himanshu Sharma

    Ultimate study material to crack JEE

  2. Arpit Gupta

    Best Teacher Ever in every aspect. Hats off u Sir. 💗💗💗

  3. Sarthak Aggarwal

    Very Helpful Crash Course love you Sir…

  4. Amit Bansal

    Very helpful and best teaching

  5. Rani

    bestest chemistry crash course ever😍

  6. Khushbu

    best course ever

  7. Itika Sen

    best course by best teacher….

  8. Aman Gupta

    Love u Sir……..

  9. Simran

    Ultimate Course . Sir have Extreme Knowledge Of Chemistry. I recommend to all the students to join MCC courses. Really Awesome

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