Dropper Batch + IIT-JEE (Mains + Advance) – MarvelProfs Chemistry Classes

Dropper Batch + IIT-JEE (Mains+Advanced)

1 Year Integrated Classroom Program


Starting From:

May 27th 2020

June 12th 2020


Eligibility: Students who have completed class 12th with good marks

Admission Procedure: Admission to this program made through FDSE Exam or MarvelProfs Scholarship cum Admission Test (M-SAT)

Batch details for session 2020-22

Batch Medium Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Eligibility
Dropper 12th + JEE Advance English 27th May 2020 - - - 12th Passed/ CSAT

About Course

  • This course is ideal for those students who want to prepare for class 12. Dropper batch course will help them to clear all their concepts and build their conceptual knowledge of all topics across whole syllabus
  • We provide you great JEE online coaching experience. While you join our JEE online coaching, you are entitled to gain both conceptual and logical knowledge as part of our JEE online classes
  • At MCC IIT JEE online coaching, you will encounter basic as well as advanced level practice problems, fundamental conceptual knowledge along with expert teacher's support so it doesn’t seem too hard for you to prepare for your finale examination. You will be guided at each and every step to clear your doubts and equip you with best knowledge and learning
  • There will be a classroom session for 6 days a week (variable)
  • The number of classes per day will be 3 to 4; each class would be of 1 hour 30 minutes duration. This shall sum up to total classroom duration of approx. 24 hours per week
  • We have very carefully designed the JEE offline as well as the online modules including regular tests, live classes, written study material for better leaning and knowledge. You will have access to our teachers 24/7 and they will ensure that none of your doubt is left unsolved. A number of tests will be held including CST, Boards, KVPY, IAPT,NEST, JEE Main/ Advanced pattern based



  • The Phase-1 focuses on the important and difficult topics of class XI and XII which are open the source of confusion and subsequent mistakes. The emphasis is to create the visualization for these concepts using multimedia, models, real-life example etc. so that these critical concepts can be applied to real exam problems more effectively. The testing system through class Tests and CCT, UCT, CST Tests help the students in evaluating and benchmarking their understanding


  • The Phase-2 begins around November and the emphasis is to covering the class XII topics and on continuous testing. The focus of this stage is to build confidence and motivate the students to give their best shot in the remaining six months before the IIT-JEE Exams. Sessions on motivation, me management, exam - taking strategies are also conducted by experts in this stage


  • The Last Step - MarvelProfs revision classes which cover all the topics of Phase-1 & Phase-2 to ensure that the students can revise all the important concepts, formulae etc. in the minimum possible me. It’s the perfect method to revise your one year long preparation


  • Detailed Theory-Definitions & Derivations (from Standard IIT-JEE Preparation Books)
  • Solved Examples - Basic & Advanced
  • MarvelProfs Daily Assignments. (MDAs)
  • Basic Objective Questions covering Boards, IT
  • Advanced Exercises covering IIT-JEE Concepts
  • Previous years' Question Papers
  • Fabulous 40 Books


Fee Tax Total Fee Including GST
Admission Fee 10,615 /- 1,911 /- 12,526 /-
Study Material 20,615 /- 3,711 /- 24,326 /-
Tuition Fee 55,000 /- 9,900 /- 64,900 /-
Total 86230 /- 15,521 /- 101,752 /-