Class 9th + Olympiads – MarvelProfs Chemistry Classes

Class 9th + Olympiads

1 - 2 Years Integrated Classroom Program


Starting From: 23rd March 2020

Ending on: Last week of January 2021 (First Year)


Eligibility: Students who have completed class 8th with good marks

Admission Procedure: Direct / Admission to this program made through MarvelProfs Scholarship cum Admission Test (M-SAT)


Batch Medium Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Eligibility
9th + Olympiads - 23rd March 2020 - - - 8h Passed/FDSE/MSAT

About Course

  • 9th + Olympiads is one of our Pre-foundation course offerings with aim to help each and every student excel in school exams and get best ranks in future examinations as well. This course will be preparing you for exams like NTSE & OLYMPIADS and would also foundation stone for future entrance examinations by building your conceptual knowledge and learning.
  • We will be working as a team with you with an entire emphasis on you. We would prepare you for school exams as well as for IIT-JEE or NEET exam.
  • You will be developing fundamental and conceptual knowledge for both your school examinations and entrance examinations. You will be receiving state of the art teaching and learning services including study material, regular test, and practice problem questions for better preparation.
  • Complete study material will be provided in science, math, social science, mental ability & English.
  • Complete preparation for school and competitive exams as per CBSE and ICSE syllabus.
  • The regular class test will be conducted in school as well as Olympiads pattern.
  • Complete coverage of NCERT and reference book required to crack the exam.
  • Strong foundation for future competitions (both Medical & JEE).
  • There will be a classroom session for 5 days a week (variable).
  • The number of classes per day will be 2-3 each class would be of 60-75 minutes duration. Total classroom session of approx. 15 hours per week.
  • The total number of the test will be 40+ (in a Session) including CCT, UCT, CST, Boards, Olympiads, NTSE pattern-based tests

Subjects Covered

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics


  • Inclined interaction with classroom students due to smaller batch size (25 students only).
  • We work on concept of less students, more attention and easier to identify issues.
  • Prevents the student from being distracted.
  • Inculcates a habit of self-study.
  • Simulate mental growth through rigorous practice of reasoning and aptitude questions.
  • Inculcates numerical solving ability.
  • Special class session & test series are conducted to prepare the students for Olympiads.


  • Detailed Theory-Definitions & Derivations (from Standard IIT-JEE Preparation Books)
  • Solved Examples - Basic & Advanced
  • MarvelProfs Daily Assignments. (MDAs)
  • Basic Objective Questions covering Boards, Olympiads, NTSE
  • Advanced Exercises to simplify JEE and NEET preparation in future
  • Previous years' Question Papers of boards and NTSE

Fee Structure for 8th + OLYMPIADS [2 years Integrated Program]

Fee Tax Total Fee Including GST
Admission Fee 10,615 /- 1,911 /- 12,526 /-
Study Material 10,615 /- 1,991 /- 12,526 /-
Tuition Fee 43,350 /- 7,803 /- 51,153 /-
Total 64,580 /- 11,624 /- 76,205 /-

Fee Structure for 8th + OLYMPIADS [1 year Integrated Program]

Fee Tax Total Fee Including GST
Admission Fee 5,615 /- 1,011 /- 6,626 /-
Study Material 6,615 /- 1,191 /- 7,806 /-
Tuition Fee 20,150 /- 3,627 /- 23,777 /-
Total 32,380 /- 5,828 /- 38,209 /-